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Bipolar RF Skin Tightening

RF Skin TighteningRadio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening is a non-surgical method that uses low-energy radiation to heat the deep layer of your skin, known as the dermis. Let's dive into the details: 

How It Works:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) therapy stimulates the production of collagen, the most common protein in your body. Collagen provides the framework for your skin and contributes to its firmness.
  • As you age, collagen production decreases, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.
  • RF therapy heats the dermis to temperatures between 122°F and 167°F (50-75°), causing your body to release heat-shock proteins. These proteins prompt the creation of new collagen fibers.
  • The procedure typically takes less than an hour and is nearly painless.


  • Tightening Skin and Reducing Wrinkles: RF therapy primarily tightens your skin and diminishes wrinkles.
  • Sun Damage: It can also combat sun damage by stimulating collagen production. 
  • Body Contouring: RF therapy tightens loose skin on the body, enhancing body shape.
  • Face Contouring: Some studies explore combining RF with pulsed electromagnetic treatment for face contouring.

Safety and Considerations:

  • RF waves used for skin tightening release about 1 billion times less energy than X-rays.
  • Always consult a professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Remember, while RF therapy offers potential benefits, individual results may vary.